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Well, that's a twist.

Who: Kage and any canon characters who want some answers
When: Day 02, Week 01
Where: Scramble Crossing
What: Kage's willing to tell everybody what's going on. But, of course, you've gotten get on your knees and beg first.
Rating: PG, possibly PG-13
Status: Incomplete // OPEN

Oh, great. They're back.Collapse )

Week 001, Day 002

Who: Anybody, specifically all original players [any reapers can definitely show up and hinder the progress of them, though]
When: Day 2, Week 1
Rating: No specific one; shouldn't go over PG or PG-13
Status: Incomplete // OPEN

Save the cursed walls in the Miyashita Park Underpass. You have 60 minutes. Fail, and face erasure.

What walls are up?
- The main one is before the Miyashita Park Underpass, walls blocking entrance if you're at Towa Records. [how to open: save the walls]
- There's also walls at the Scramble Crossing, Station Underpass, A-East, Tipsy Tose Hall, and Udagawa Back Streets. [how to open: defeat the noise 'possessing' the red hoodie-wearing male; this is just like on shiki day 2, just so you know] All players will end up trapped in these areas at the start of the day; there are walls blocking ALL exits out of those areas. Once you clear one wall, however, all walls will open up.
[ And here's that handy map again! ]

Once again, supplayers is controlling ALL of the walls. Once you're ready to complete the wall-clearing tasks, comment on that specific post and clear that wall!

...Yeah, mission is confusing!
Okay, here's a hint: 'what i create isn't trash.'

You have 100 posts to complete the mission. Fail, and face erasure!

[OPEN. INCOMPLETE] Week 001, Day 01

owari_hajimari Neku
unlimitedstyle Shiki
Any canon character in the Real Grounds feel free to join

Day 1, Week 1 - by Hachiko Statue [possibly moving toward cafe]
Neku spots Shiki after waiting by Hachiko for sometime. Two months since they've been friends with everyone and still they find the time in their lives to gather to just be themselves. Unfortunately, Neku's been reading some really odd entries over the net about players and has been seeing things he never thought he'd be seeing ever again.

Rating: PG [language, Nyan-tan teasing]
Status: Incomplete - OPEN [canon only]

Hey, Neku. Sorry to keep you waiting.Collapse )

Week 001, Day 001

Who: Anybody
When: Day 1, Week 1
Rating: No specific one; shouldn't go over PG-13
Status: Complete // OPEN

First log time! This is how everybody will complete the mission. The first group to get to 104 completes the mission for both themselves and everybody else.

What walls are up?
- At the Scramble Crossing, Shibukyu Main Store, and Dogenzaka; blocking entrance to 104 [how to open: Show proof of pact; simply walk up to the wall Reaper with your partner]
[ Here's a handy little map for everybody, in case you need it ]

supplayers is controlling all three walls. dude he has clones!? Once you get to any of them, comment on his posts in this entry.

You have 60 posts to complete the mission! Fail, and face erasure! [ please note that the 60 post = 60 minute thing is just a test run; if that's too little for everybody, then with each mission, you must complete the log within... say... 60 minutes, AKA 120 posts. everything you do outside of this log does NOT count towards that number and all posts count, regardless of how long or short they are. ]